Cue singing angels


Fabrication Marathon: Too much This American Life (though I never thought it was possible), lunches delivered to the shop so we can stay on task, Notorious B.I.G., Kanye West, Leonard Cohen, Pearl Jam (Scott had a hankering), routine maintenance in the paint shop to prepare for the tsunami of racing bicycles that will need hot pink and army green and Vanilla blue and *%$#%  &#%@$&. Black tea with milk and honey, curving, mitering, fitting up and brazing seatstays, enjoying further refinement of our process, being slap-happy. Meeting goals!

Top tubes are in all bikes as of Tuesday. Seat stays, bridges, braze-ons, bottle bosses, stainless sleeves, etc. are on 5 bikes (4 covert army's and one special edition). Those bikes are off to paint Monday. Things are going so well. I want to recognize my crew for being so focussed and dialed. These bikes are spot on! A term I don't thrown around, by the way.

Have a good weekend!


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