The Vanilla Workshop houses three brands: Vanilla Bicycle Co., which specializes in one of a kind custom bicycles; Speedvagen, our limited production race bike brand; and Coat Paint Shop, painting and powder coating for Vanilla and Speedvagen as well as other independent bicycle framebuilders.

-We are hiring for a  Front End Manager position-

The person we hire for this position will be responsible for both creative and administrative tasks, including: -Coordinating schedules for multiple arms of the business -Advanced graphic design -Writing and publishing -Photography -Friendly customer service, both remote and in person -Inventorying and ordering.

We’re looking for someone that likes challenges, is good-natured and is also comfortable being assertive; someone who knows when a project has not yet reached its full potential and someone who, despite having finely tuned  skills, isn’t above chipping in to help with the dirty work.

The deadline for application is January 16th, after which we will respond to qualified applicants with a questionnaire as the first stage of the interview process.

If you are highly qualified in the areas outlined above please send a one-page resume and a one-page cover letter describing your professional experience and your background with bicycles to:


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