One legged effortless.


I soft pedaled up Latigo today (in Malibu) and came up on a one legged Mexican climbing smoothly and like butter (i've wanted to write that sentence my whole life). I asked if I could spin with him and chat. His English better than my Spanish. We talked  about all the things people talk about up a canyon... and he showed me how he drives his hip flexors into the prosthetic to get force into the pedal on that side. I didn't want to pass him. So, I thanked him for the company and sat up and turned around. I wouldn't  want to ride him off my wheel and I have too much respect for him to pass him. And besides.. its so much fun to descend on the Speedvagen. The bike never freaks out. Anyway, the best part of the riding is the people. Love it when that happens.

Posted on October 6, 2011 and filed under Uncategorized.