Do you remember bike blogs?


There's just so much more to these things that the bike blogs. Seems like everyone has one.... and I dunno. It gets self indulgent. Go ride.  Here's a stolen image from V-Salon. Don't know what the Vanilla fellas are up to.. I'm guessing bike making and such. I'm all healed up less getting hit by a car in my car the other day. Talking a buddy into going to Belguim with me next year to do a few weeks of masters kermesses with another friend that lives there in the summers. If nothing else that should motivate some riding over the winter. Have fun out there on your perfect bikes. Bike blogging is so bike blogging.

There's no need to mythologize biking. It's folly. It's the best folly ever... but there's no need to make it mean more than it means. Get a bike you have a connection to, work on how you ride, and that's enough meanining. It's as good as any meaning. That's my take.

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