We all know that bro love trumps all gear love. Next time you're at coffee with the boys... buy them the coffee, tell them their asses look skinnier than usual. Be the love. Fitness comes and goes through the season and over the years... but the bro-time is forever.

My friend Taylor was trying to talk me into racing again. I told him that I couldnt race and also be a healthy happy person at the same time. His argument was that the driving to the races with the guys was the best part. I told him that when I race I kinda hate everyone, and generally think my team mates are delusional idiots, and that I am the only person with access to some kind of special knowledge or truth (this isnt sexy). I can't 'train' and 'race' without becoming a superior overcompetitive monomaniacal tool.*gawd forbid, there wasn't a podium i ever stood upon where my internal dailgue wasn't "i'm only here because no fast guys showed up". cute huh?

I guess we all have different sweet spots to encounter the bro love. Some of us get it at work, some of us get it by riding rather than training, and some of us get it racing.

Where-ever you get yours... happy belated Valentine's day. Buy one for the boys and remind them that they look skinny and that you love their bikes (*unless they're set up fasterbackwards or in violation of offenses related to saggy shorts. There's no hope for those people). It's really all the love we need.

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