Seventeen Days


Blue accent stripes laid down on the celerys today...

Speaking of Airbriushed palm trees and freehand Speedvagen text, I have this idea to do some surprise me schemes totally freehand carney-airbrushing-a-teeshirt style paint job complete with starbursts coming off of the corners of the shield and the unicorn horn.

So here's the question: If you were getting a Speedvagen and you went with the Surprise Me option and you unpacked the box and all of the multi color striping work, Speedvagen text, shields, etc. were done totally free-hand and in full (probably pastel) rainbow spectrum how would you react? For me it is rad and ridiculous. I would be excited to see it, I would race the shit out of it and I would cherish it as something that no one had done, or probably would ever do on a high end race bike. I also would appreciate that Speedvagen did it because the juxtaposition is the embodiment of SVlosophy (Don't know if I'll use that one again...)

What do you think?



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