Fifteen, Fourteen, Thirteen, Twelve


Here's your bulk countdown update:

The pain(t) shop has been killing it and as of right now they are on track to meet the deadline.

Carbon Post heads are in (hallelujah). They're prepped, primed and half have color on them.

Celerys are done, minus the forks. Army is in process/Waiting on clear....

An SV road one off for E.F. aka Coolhand: certified Speedvagen Junky. You get certified by buying 2 SV's within a couple of weeks of eachother.

Base color

Under the downtube

masked DT adjuster. Half lighter blue, half less-lighter blue

CS Graphic

E.F.'s Road Machine is cleared now and ready to go out the door. For the record, I likes!

Got 44mm (big) headtube stock from True Temper for the Track and a handful of Dario inspired monster tubed Road machines that we're using the Chris King's InSet on.

A couple of sample went to Chris King's engineering dept for them to use while prototyping a special Stainless "InSet" that we'll be using on the Track and Road Machines. Going with stainless allows us to use less material in the HS cup, making the press in portion a size that's compatible with an 1 3/4" tube, rather than having a proprietary tube made. Standard is good when you're talking about pressing in bearing races.

Once all is ok'd at King, the raw tube stock goes to the laser cutter to have the Speedvagen logo relieved. Maybe I'll get video of that. A 5 axis laser cutter? Cool.

Getting ready to release the Vanilla All Stars wood print series. Crap Photo Sneeek peek:

Oh and the thumbnail photo for this post may or may not be a hint at the 2010 CX SM's



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