End of August


Sacha what the F#&! is up with the countdown, right? Well I'll tell you what's up with the countdown. It's the end of August and today was our deadline for shipping bikes. Did we make it? yes we did make it and every bike (save a couple of locals) shipped either yesterday, or today.

The bikes turned out spot on and beautiful. Props to Scott, Mike and Beans in the frame shop and Patrick, Glenn and Eric in the paint shop. I couldn't be more proud as a boss.

Below are photos from the day including, A geared Cross Machine in army, a sample of the professional work that my long time photographer Bob Huff shot today, Mike and beans enjoying lunch, Scott finishing the build on a Creamy Celery and RL Picking up his new Cross frame... while riding his SV road.

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What else happened today? It was the last day for deposits for the 2011 run of road machines. Did we sell all of the slots, you ask? Yes we did sell all of the slots, plus one or two. A huge thanks to those Speedvagen owners-to-be for jumping on board and supporting what we're doing here. Among other things this 2011 road run will be my second chance at doing a  thorough Speedbloggen countdown (wink)

Anyhoo, I'll be posting more photos of the SVCX2010 machines within the next week or so. You can also poke around on the web and find my personal 2010 Cross SM bike in the Edge booth at Eurobike, which starts Thursday I believe...



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