Countdown to railing it in the mud on new cross bikes...

Our goal is to have this year's Speedvagen Cross Machines finished and out the door by the end of August. At this point it's going to be tight, but the boys in the paint shop are dialed and we all like a challenge. So twenty days in the paint shop leaves ... doing some quick math in my head....................... one week for the frame shop to finish prep (frame saver, face and chase, bolt on headbadges and dropout faces, etc) build the complete bikes that we're doing and pack and ship all of the out of towners....


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At this point, fabrication is done and the Creamy Celerys are the first to go to the paint shop.  Here they are, prepped and ready for the base coat of color. Tomorrow they'll see primer with color coming the following day. Chack back for progress photos

In other news, I'm working on a townie for Chris in North Carolina. The bike's going to be lugged, with discs and slider drops. Full fenders, internally geard rear hub, integrated lighting. Built for some dirt road riding. We might do a 1 piece bar/stem combo out of stainless. The bar would be sealed on one end and act as a flask. On the other end would be a machined stainless shot glass that threads into the end of the bar also acting as a cap. We've made Stainless bar/stem combos before and we've machined containers, but we haven't done it all in one piece.. Anyhoo, Here's a few shots of the crown I'm working on for his bike.

This crown comes from Pacenti Cycle Design and is more or less a re-issue of the beautiful old Ritchey mountain crown; a design that I hear came from another builder, but that Ritchey popularized. Anyone know the story?

More tomorrow...



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