Wednesday in the shop


Carved and thinned the lugs for a Vanilla Rando bike today, then prepped them for brazing. Once the lugs are carved, but before they're thinned, we'll  grind out the inside of the lugs so that they have a slip fit around the tube. Any spot on the lug that is tighter than a slip fit will keep the silver from penetrating resulting in a weaker joint. We also cold set the lugs at this time to match the frame angles. This is a process of bending with a bar inside of the tug, tapping the outside with a hammer and a broad dull aluminum punch and grinding down high spots inside of the lug. Once that's done and everything fit's up nicely in the jig, I'll file all of the lug surfaces to give the shorelines a uniform thickness.

The photos below show the lugs being thinned. I'm thinking about tri-podding my camera and trying to make a short video, rather than just the static shots. Anyhoo, here they are.



p.s. click on the first image and then scroll through by hitting your right arrow key...

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