Truthiness and trying not be that guy.

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Its hard to blog about anything because nothing is better than just riding or finding stuff out for yourself. I would never try to review something for you because its all subjective and personal and frankly I much prefer folks figure out what they like for themselves and then say why.. because critical thinking is sexy and I'm nothing special. That being said, when a product keeps my eggs snug to my person and yet still allows my taint to feel connected to and in communication with the saddle, without feeling abused or sanded or like a petri dish... I gotta say something.Because there's been too many times that my balls have flipped to funny places (you ever sit on one of your own after a jump out of the saddle?) and too many times that I feel like I'm sitting on something like a baby's head (too thick) or a wet paper tower (too porous). What I am saying is: Rapha shorts are amazing. I love them. I gotta abstract and generalize that I think you will too. If you're patient you can find them ten or twenty percent off... otherwise... spend the 210. Really. Plus, I'm still in recovery mode from surgery and feel like a fat pig and you know... they're slimming... Especially at coffee. And they're cut the right length in the legs and over the stomach. And the shoulders lay smooth. I could go on.

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