Surprise Me 2: on the 13th day in March, Coat shall experience the true wrath of Speedvagen


Well here's the balance of the SM's. Just went to paint today. The last SV's in the shop (6 in all) are the ones we built for the Gentle Lovers a team that I started with my friends 12ish years ago. They have grown into one of the fastest and strategically dialed cat 1-2 teams in Oregon all while wearing pink spandex with hearts and unicorns... But that's another story. Surprise me is a funny thing for me. I love that people have to commit to taking a chance. It says adventure and spontaneity (even if it's being spontaneous about a decision that you'll wait months to see the outcome of). It tells me that people trust me with a big decision which both feels good and adds pressure. It is not a responsibility that I take lightly and just like with Vanilla, the more a customer put's themselves in my hands, the more I give. It's reciprocal and somehow that feels very right...

Surprise me is often conflicting for me and this round is no exception. I believe that in general my design sense leans toward the understated and if not understated, then at least balanced. One of my favorite if not My very favorite Speedvagen is the original prototype. It has very little going on with paint, or graphic fanciness, which leave the overall form of the bicycle without distractions and that makes an impact. So I've done understated for the last two runs, especially this last cross run. I think that there is an expectation out there though that Surprise Me will be...well... surprising, right? Should it be loud, something never seen before, a revolution built into a paint scheme? One thing that I do know if that it should blow doors off. It should be fckuing  awesome whether it is awesomely understated or over the top blingy (think rainbow sparkle paint with holographic decals like a Nagasawa Keirin bike).

So here's the question, what do you want in a surprise me scheme? Do you want to be floored? Do you expect something complex and over the top? Would you be happy with something like matte black with graphics laid out on the frame in a dark grey, so that overall, it looked blank, until you looked close and then all of the detail came out? What if you got something like the prototype linked above?

Any answers won't influence the surprise me scheme for this run of bikes, but I do like thinking through my bagage and I wonder how much of it is in my head and how much of it is shared by others.

Anyhoo, here is the balance of the SM's that went to Coat today.



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