Rapha's design sense, their tasteful branding, Beautiful color palettes, their story telling... it's all great. They continuously find new ways to connect with cycling public and pluck the heart strings that folks didn't even know that they had. Both Rapha and Vanilla have wanted to work closely on a project for several years. We've been holding off until the right something special came along and I'm happy to say that this is the year. Starting this cross season we're expanding on our decade old Vanilla/Speedvagen cross team to include Rapha as title sponsor. The Speedvagen-Rapha team will focus on a full national schedule this year with 4 pros and their mechanics on the road September through December. I'll be traveling to work for the team about half of the time and Scott will likely hit a couple of weekends, too.

I'll share complete details in a couple of weeks, but wanted to show some pictures now. This is the new Speedvagen Team Issue Cross Machine (flying the 2010 team colors). The first several shots are from NAHBS and show the cross team display and kit (thanks Carlos!). The rest were shot today before the bike was disassembled to be shipped off to it's pilot. Pardon the adult language, but I fucking love these colors together:[gallery]

Notice the cross specific stem with internal brake routing. This is something that we're making with Edge Composites. The production version will be available to the masses shortly. Maybe we should have a trade in policy for clunky machined cable hangers...



p.s. I know that the mannequin in the first photo looks kind of soft, but as the one that dressed him let me assure you the he is r-i-p-p-e-d

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