Learnin' Out Loud.


I learned something new online. There's a way to solve that age old problem of not wanting to have to wear clean bibs. All you gotta do is rock your undies. Now, I don't know how the underwear itself functions to keep bibs clean... or why a guy with 10k invested in his bike can't pony-up for some more shorts... but I do know I'm trying it and reporting back to you. Actually, I'm deconstructing it. I like washing my bibs but hate cleaning my undies... so...*jazz hands and out. Too mean? I hope not... if you're out there and reading this, Imma get you with a little quote from Charlotte Perriand, "Too much hygiene can kill you"... except your bibs. Wear clean bibs. Noel.

Posted on March 18, 2010 and filed under Uncategorized.