Partnering for Production Runs:

Built To Shred

We want to make the Urban Racer as attainable as possible, so that people will use it as intended i.e. locking it in front of the movie theater, or taking it on trails and down stairs, lending it to friends, taking it on the plane when traveling. Whether we like it or not, cost can be a factor in how hard someone uses their bike (or anything for that matter).

And while our process and tooling is great for building on-of-a-kind frames, we are not set up to do production runs. For the Urban Racer, we've worked closely with a local production house to perfectly reproduce our designs, using our speedvagen tubing and all of the special fittings that make our bikes what they are.

The result is a stock sized frame that looks and rides exactly as it would if we built it, with a price tag that's about 2k less than if we'd built the bike using our custom process.