Speedvagen OG1 Next Level Upgrades

Enve Handlebar, Stem and Wheels:

We have been partnering with Enve Composites since they opened their doors over 10 years ago. Not only do they make the best carbon products on the market, they stand behind what they do and take great care of their customers.

We offer Enve handlebars, stems and wheels as a performance upgrade for your OG1. If you’re looking to drop weight from the bike and maintain the same bombproof-ness, this is the way to do it.

Looking at Enve wheels? Ninety percent of the bikes we send out have Enve SES 3.4 rims. The 3.4 is aero, lightweight, stiff and strong as all get out, making it the best all around carbon you can get. Want a different model of Enve rim? Just ask!

To finish out the wheel build, you can have us do a set of painted to match hubs for that extra Speedvagen touch, or we can do Enve’s carbon hub with Ceramic Speed bearings.



Made for us by Enve Composites right here in the USA, our carbon fiber post head has infinite adjustment, accommodates round, or oval saddle rails, cuts some weight and with the Speedvagen shield emblazoned on the front, it’s a beautiful match for the rest of your OG1. Run-on sentence is no charge.



We offer the painted to match Ritchey and Pro one-piece bar/stem combos as an upgrade option on the OG1. Extending the color of the frame out to the handlebar/stem make them broad canvas for our color integration.



The frame pump represents a recent shift in cyclists’ priorities. Instead of the lightest of everything, people are focusing more on how well something works and how much they enjoy using it. Unlike co2 or a mini pump, with a full sized frame pump, not only will you always be able to get your tires up to full pressure, but you’ll be a best friend to everyone you ride with, cause you’ll always have enough air for them too.



There’s good ceramic and there’s bad ceramic. Ceramic Speed is the best. Designed and manufactured in their Denmark headquarters, Ceramic Speed make bearings for hubs, bottom bracket and pulleys that, put together, cut minutes on the hour from your best times.

How do they do it?

Ceramic bearings are harder and rounder. Because they are harder and rounder, they don’t need the same thick grease as a standard bearing. Without the thick grease, there is much less resistance. Of course your OG1 is going to be a great bike without the Ceramic Speed upgrade, but if the budget is there, this is a meaningful performance bump.

Contact info@speedvagen.com for pricing.