Position: Speedvagen Head of Marketing

We  have a lot happening in the coming years. Round-the-world fit tours, new bikes and building a vibrant business with a ton of integrity. We need someone who can help share all of that with the world.

 For the cycling public to truly understand what they are getting when they purchase a Speedvagen will require education, substance, and truthfulness more than hype. Our Head of Marketing will communicate with the world what makes a Speedvagen different than any other bike in the world. Our bikes are a compilation of details and intricate processes (fitting, design, fabrication, paint, final build, customer care and even how the bikes are shipped) that are often not seen through a pretty picture. And while pretty pictures inspire lust, they do not do a good job of communicating the deeper value of what we bring.

 This multi-disciplinary role will traverse high-level brand development and marketing strategy to on-the-ground event planning, digital content production and publishing. 

There’s a lot in the works for Speedvagen and we have the foundation in place to grow the brand with integrity over the next several years. A marketing lead’s contribution to the brand and marketing is key to propel the business to achieving our goals.

We are looking to hire an individual who thinks big and different, is happy to execute the details and delivers at an extremely high level of quality. They will work closely in partnership with founder, Sacha White on voice, design, and developing initiatives. 

This is not a typical marketing job. And we expect that our Head of Marketing will work with, but not be confined to their title. The opportunity is one to be shaped by fresh thinking and we welcome the evolution. We thrive on constant improvement and progress.

Working at Speedvagen

We do things differently. We go to great lengths to build the most incredible bikes for our customers and an overall customer experience that is unlike anything else out there. 

Our company is small. We are a family. We have a low/no drama workplace and the people who work here want to be here. We are not motivated by bringing a lot of “stuff” to the world, as the world already has more than enough stuff. What we are motivated by is bring greatness to the world.

We are committed to building a sustainable and responsible company, which means that we manufacture domestically, and take good care of our employees.

The Role

  • Maintain and update the infrastructure and content of speedvagen.com
  • Coordinate the production of photography and film assets for all aspects of the brand
  • Manage the calendar and publishing for all of Speedvagen’s social media channels
  • Responsible for reporting on metrics and performance driving traffic and engagement across all channels
  • Engage and cultivate relationships with the Speedvagen community of owners, making sure to incorporate their stories throughout our communications
  • Concept and plan each Fit Tour and location
  • Pre-scout Fit Tour locations, establish partnerships with venues, secure ride leaders and media contacts
  • Promote Fit Tours in a way that their awesomeness reverberates around the world and extends their local relevance
  • Assist with racing team logistics and promotion
  • Assist the creation and promotion of Speedvagen and The Vanilla Workshop soft goods

The Candidate

  • 5+ years experience creating and executing initiatives involving photographers, film makers, designers, media, PR, website content and infrastructure
  • Thinks in concepts and ideas that are new in the world of marketing. Leading rather than following.
  • Proven experience in communication strategy and execution across digital and physical marketing channels
  • Willing to lead, establish a vision and manage projects from high level planning down to personally executing details
  • Willing and able to travel in 2-3 week stints, several times per year.
  • An eye for design and ability to translate a brand’s personality to communication in a straight-up and authentic way
  • Experienced photographer with experience shooting for digital content
  • Skilled with current social media channels and excited about developing quality creative
  • Proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Avid road cyclist, easy and enjoyable to be around

To apply for this position, send a one-page resume, a one-page cover letter outlining your relevant experience, and work samples. Email to hiring@vanillabicycles.com