The Speedvagen Fitting Tours give us a chance to meet new friends, ride great roads, and share our bikes with those of you who have mostly seen them through the web. Most importantly, future Speedvagen owners get a full custom fit session with founder Sacha White.

For a race machine to ride right, it has to be weighted right.
There are a lot of fitting options out there and the trend is toward the upright and conservative fit. We feel strongly that for a Speedvagen to ride like a great race machine, our customers need to be properly balanced on the bike and in a position where back and stomach muscles are supporting the weight of their upper body, their arms are freed up to move with the bike/soak up shock and the muscles in the lower body are activated, firing and fast. These principles apply to a spry young racer as well as a any seasoned rider with lots of miles and years under their belt. Like with our frames, our fitting is different than anything else out there. That’s why we’re traveling the world to make it happen.

For our scouting trip we are traveling Europe to host a few events and showcase a few new Speedvagen custom bikes. We are planning to come back in August/September for the 2017 Europe Fitting Tour to host fittings, more events and demos. 

Interested in being fitted for a Speedvagen and having your new machine in your hands well before road season? Yeah!! Want to work with us collaboratively? Just wanna come hang out and talk bikes? Or even demo an OG? Shoot us a note and we’ll send more info, or secure one of the handful of spots with a DEPOSIT!

Buonconvento, Italy

April 30 - May 1

Nova Eroica

For the first time ever, L'Eroica is opening its doors to modern bikes. As a featured builder, Sacha White will be speaking on Saturday afternoon and we will have several bikes on display in the gallery.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 2 - 3

Rapha Amsterdam

May 2 (8:00PM) “Built to be Ridden - an evening with founder Sacha White”

Join us Tuesday night as founder Sacha White discuss what makes a Speedvagen different than any other bike out there.


May 3 (9:00AM) Group Ride

Starting the day off with a non-drop 50km morning group from the Rapha Clubhouse.

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London, England

May 5th

Rapha Spitalfields

(6:00PM) Speedvagen Q+A

Curious about how lightweight steel really is? Or how many hours it takes to make a custom bike? Or how fit plays a role in the design? Join us Friday night as founder Sacha White fields any questions you may have about all things Speedvagen!




Copenhagen, Denmark

May 7th

Rapha Copenhagen

(12:00PM) Group Ride & Fit Clinic

Join us Sunday afternoon for a two hour non-drop group from the Rapha Copehagen Clubhouse followed by a Speedvagen Fit Clinic with Sacha White. The Fit Clinic is our way of sharing Speedvagen fitting philosophies with the cycling communities that we visit.



Girona, Spain

May 8 - 9

The Service Course

May 8 (7:00PM) “Meet the Builder”

Join Speedvagen owner/former pro Christian Meier and Sacha as they discuss custom steel race machines on Monday night

May 9 (9:00AM) Group Ride & Fit Clinic

Join us Tuesday morning for a non-drop group leaving from La Fabrica followed by a Speedvagen Fit Clinic with Sacha White. The Fit Clinic is our way of sharing Speedvagen fitting philosophies with the cycling communities that we visit.



On Deck for Summer 2017: 

Europe – August


We know that if a finely made bike doesn’t fit right, it will only ever be ok. So we’re traveling around the world to make sure that the fit of your Speedvagen is every bit as good as the fabrication, design & paint. We’re not going for ok, we’re going for perfect and that means doing things a little bit different.

2016 Asian Fit Tour

We experienced great success with the launch of the Speedvagen Fit Tours in 2015. Last May, Sacha White, founder and head of fitting and design, will take the experience to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore, and Jakarta, Indonesia. 

One of the biggest differences of a custom bike from The Vanilla Workshop is the fit. Over the last 15 years, Sacha has developed his own system, bucking the global trends toward upright “comfort” positions, and computer generated recommendations, opting instead to work face to face with each rider, to make them faster and more balanced and connected to the road.

This is a great opportunity to come see the bikes and work directly with the master craftsman who will be making your dream machine.

If you are interested in scheduling a fit session with Sacha, you can easily confirm with a deposit here. If you have further questions, contact us. There is limited space available and we routinely sell out. Space for fittings is on a first come first served basis. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

The Speedvagen Fit Tour Down Under

In summer 2015 we headed Down Under and set up shop with our friends in Melbourne & Sydney. Our good friend Andy was kind enough to take some great photos and give his impressions at FYXO.

The Speedvagen California Fit Tour

In the spring of 2015 we took the Workshop to San Francisco and Los Angeles. John Watson joined us and documented the experience on The Radavist.