We're Hiring!

The Vanilla Workshop houses three brands: Vanilla Bicycles, one of a kind and built by Sacha White; Speedvagen, our batch built race bike brand; and Coat Paint Shop, painting and powder coating for Vanilla and Speedvagen.

We do a lot of things here at The Vanilla Workshop. At the core is the design, innovation and refinement of the bicycles we make from scratch for our customers. We have a lot happening in the coming years including round-the-world fit tours, new bikes and building a vibrant business with a ton of integrity.

We will be hiring individuals who thinks outside the box, delivers to an extremely high level, works with purpose and a strong drive, has an eye for things being right and can represent our company in a welcoming and professional way. A mantra at our shop is that if it isn’t going to be 100%, or damn close, we’re not going to do it. As part of this, we will hire someone who is very particular about details.

Position: Speedvagen Head of Marketing


We  have a lot happening in the coming years. Round-the-world fit tours, new bikes and building a vibrant business with a ton of integrity. We need someone who can help share all of that with the world.


 For the cycling public to truly understand what they are getting when they purchase a Speedvagen will require education, substance, and truthfulness more than hype. Our Head of Marketing will communicate with the world what makes a Speedvagen different than any other bike in the world. Our bikes are a compilation of details and intricate processes (fitting, design, fabrication, paint, final build, customer care and even how the bikes are shipped) that are often not seen through a pretty picture. And while pretty pictures inspire lust, they do not do a good job of communicating the deeper value of what we bring. Check out the full job listing.