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2017 Guide Book / Speedbloggen is back!

Hey, Crumbs here, its been a while since Speedvagen has had an active blog. It seems like most people have migrated to Instagram for their blogging content. While we absolutely love Instagram, we also like the idea of communicating with our customers, fans, and friends in a longer form. While this might be only a single post, hopefully with a little time and energy we can ease into this and get the ball rolling. Our goal is to give you more access to what is happening behind our doors, and hopefully you can get to know those people in our shop making, painting, and designing your Speedvagen.  

So here we go!

While you are unknowingly, patiently waiting, we are over here cooking as usual. 2017 Guidebook is well underway with a full refresh. The communication of our bicycles is important to us. This is our craft, and this is our way to once a year show you the best of what we do, all in one clean package.

One special note is, this years guidebook will include illustrations, that I personally will have the honor of drawing up. Well some might question if this is necessary, I whole heartedly believe that our bikes are worth the time and effort it takes to illustrate some of the details.  The image above is a little preview of that. Way more to come and for the moment if you want to check out last years guidebook here it is! 


Posted on February 22, 2017 and filed under Speedvagen, Design.