Surprise Me 2017

YO! When's the next Surprise Me scheme is coming out? Every week we get some form of this question. We always say "we are working on it." It takes as long as it takes, and thats the glory of it. When we finally have that idea that we are stoked on, it may have been the 1st idea we came up with that year, or more likely it was the 145th. What we can say is we are wrapping up the final details. 

So here's your chance. If you want a Surprise Me, a TRUE Surprise Me, you need to get your deposit in now!

Starting with the very first Speedvagen a decade ago, each year we have offered a Surprise Me paint scheme. That means the customer gives us the green light and they don't know what the paint on their Speedvagen is gonna look like until they open the box.

Surprise Me reflects the irreverence and excitability of Speedvagen owners. It also shows how much they trust in our design chops and our commitment to make stuff awesome.

The layout for the Surprise Me paint comes from the colors, patterns, and sometimes new techniques that we're most in to that year. That Surprise Me then becomes a cultural snapshot of what The Vanilla Workshop is all about that season. And since we only offer that design for that one year, there are just a handful peppered around the world - a brotherhood/sisterhood if you will.      

The Surprise Me way is and shall always be: No Hints and No Regrets! If you want to be apart of that. Its your last chance (for this year).

Below is a look back at some of the shop favorites that have come out over the years. 

Surprise Me 2016 Gold Single Speed CX

Surprise Me 2016 Road

Surprise Me 2015 Road

Surprise Me 2012 CX 

Surprise Me 2010 Gold CX

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Posted on July 10, 2017 .