2017 Europe Fitting Tour

The Speedvagen Fitting Tours give us a chance to meet new friends, ride great roads, and share our bikes with those of you who have mostly seen them through the web. Most importantly, future Speedvagen owners get a full custom fit session with founder Sacha White.

For a race machine to ride right, it has to be weighted right.
There are a lot of fitting options out there and the trend is toward the upright and conservative fit. We feel strongly that for a Speedvagen to ride like a great race machine, our customers need to be properly balanced on the bike and in a position where back and stomach muscles are supporting the weight of their upper body, their arms are freed up to move with the bike/soak up shock and the muscles in the lower body are activated, firing and fast. These principles apply to a spry young racer as well as a any seasoned rider with lots of miles and years under their belt. Like with our frames, our fitting is different than anything else out there. That’s why we’re traveling the world to make it happen.

Tour Dates:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

August 26 - August 29

Rapha Amsterdam


London, England

August 31 - September 3

Rapha London

Girona, Spain

September 5 - September 11

The Service Course

Interested in being fitted for a Speedvagen and having your new machine in your hands this holiday season? Yeah!! Want to work with us collaboratively? Just wanna come hang out and talk bikes? Or even demo an OG? Shoot us a note and we’ll send more info, or secure one of the handful of spots with a DEPOSIT!

Stay tuned for more details on events in each location.

Posted on July 18, 2017 .