Taking More Things to 11

Most people think the 11 in our shield represents the year we started. It is actually there because one of the core ethos of Speedvagen is to take things to 11. What that means for each project is different, but in general, it is about focusing on the details and really trying to do everything we can do at the highest level. 

With that said, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into a special project. These will be available as an added purchase with a new bike for a limited time only. We are not sure how many we will do, and we can't show you whats inside... yet. We can point out some of the details that we think takes this project to 11.

It starts with a custom sized and spec'ed, Made in the USA, sheet metal tool box with a stainless steel hinge. Our fabrication department drills and cleans up each one. Each box then heads off to our in-house paint shop where we can custom match the box, and its contents to your brand new bike. Then, after paint, we bolt the hinge on with T25 Stainless Pan Head Torx Bolts and the latch and hinge are installed. Stainless steel is something we use in high wear contact points on our bikes like the Berzerker dropout and brake bridge faceplates. It is corrosion resistant and holds up longer than regular steel. We love to carry over as many of these bike details as possible on non-bike projects. 

To take this project to 11, we had a tray for the toolbox contents CNC'ed out of natural wood to ensure the internal contents perfectly nest inside the tray. Natural wood is another pretty common theme in our shop, we use it on our shipping sleds, pop up luggage for Fitting Tours, as well as all over our shops walls. 

So, whats in the box? Check back tomorrow to see! Or if you are at NAHBS tomorrow they will be there as well. Already know you want one with your bike? Shoot richard@vanillabicycles.com an email and we can start talking! 

Posted on March 9, 2017 .