Speedvagen Tool Kit

Speedvagen, since the beginning has been about amazing hand crafted race bikes, that are made and designed with the intent to be raced and ridden hard. At the same time we were never too serious to not poke fun at ourselves or lighten things up with unique color work. To put it bluntly, we don't believe in wall hanger bikes. To us paint is a shell that will show battle wounds and a patina. That patina shows the history of the bike and rider and their adventures together when a bike is ridden the way we believe they should be. Use is good, part of good use is taking care of your bike mechanically.

Abbey Bike Tools, is a company we have a lot of respect for. We feel they share some of the same ethos as we do. Their goal is the best precision tools on the market. Naturally we teamed up to hotrod out some tools, in the fashion you have come to expect from us. One of the things we love about cycling is watching the growth of a rider. Be it personal accomplishments or podiums, it always seems as a rider grows it is only natural to want to be able to take care of your equipment yourself. Thats is why we produced this tool set designed for the intermediate level mechanic. It is everything we feel you need to do some of the most common mechanic work. Be it, swapping a cassette for race day, or a simple tune up and  clean. These tools might have beautiful paint, but we think the real beauty of any object comes with well worn use. They will get dirty, dropped, chipped and scratched, with use. They will not fail, and that’s exactly how we expect our products to perform.

The Speedvagen Tool Kit includes out three favorite tools from Abbey Bike Tool but they are spiced up a bit to fit our specifications:

  • Pedal Wrench - Upgraded to T30 Stainless Torx Bolts, and painted wood handles.
  • Dual Sided Crombie - This tool has a Shimano/SRAM lock ring remover on one side and a Campagnolo lock ring remover on the other. We extend the handle and went with a wider, hallow tube. Finished with a hand wrapped cotton cloth bar tape by our mechanics. 
  • Whip-It Chain Whip - Again with a slightly extended handle to give just the right amount of leverage. Finished with a hand wrapped cotton cloth bar tape by our mechanics. 

Along with the Abbey Bike Tools, we have also sourced high quality ball end Hex Keys in the most common bike sizes as well as the two most common Torx Keys. Perfect to adjust a headset, swap a stem, or pretty much any other part on a bike. 

All of these items perfect nest into a completely custom CNC'ed Tray made specifically for this set. This will help you keep your work bench tidy and prolong the life of your tools.  

With all of that said there is one catch, at this moment, they will be only available with the purchase of a new bike. Email richard@vanillabicycles.com with any questions.

Posted on March 10, 2017 .