The 2015 Australia Fit Tour. We're heading to Sydney & Melbourne where we'll see good friends, ride great roads – and most importantly – give future Speedvagen owners the opportunity to get a full custom fit session with Sacha White.

The Speedvagen Fit Tour is headed to Australia with rides, parties, and most importantly fiing sessions with Sacha White – Owner anead Builder at The Vanilla Workshop. We are honored to partner with the Rapha Cycle Club in Sydney and Shifter Bikes in Melbourne.Both brands exhibit the same attention to detail and class that we admire, and we are thrilled to spend time with our Australian Speedvagen Family.

RSVP for our Sydney Ride with the Rapha Cycle Club (Aug 29th):

RSVP For our reception with the Rapha Cycle Club (Evening Aug 29th):

To schedule a fit for your own Speedvagen with Sacha White in Australia click below.

Photos from the 2015 California Fit Tour via The Radavist